Companies Act Regulations 2019

IN exercise of the powers contained in section 375 of The Companies Act,2017, the following Regulations have been made in Statutory Instrument No. I 4 or 2019 including the following


1. Title

2. Interpretation

3. Numerical value for surall private company

4. Particulars to be entered in register of Companies

5. Additional information to be entered in resister of BeneficiaL Owners

6. Part of Registers kept outside Zambia

7 . Additional particulars of instrument by which charge is created

8.Permitted hours to inspect registers, documents etc.

9. Remuneration of assessors

10.Rules relating to identification, verification and disclosure of beneficial ownership

Download the regulations below.

Companies Act SI – Fees.PDF Companies Act SI – Fees.PDF-1 Companies Act SI – General Regulation.PDF Companies Act SI – General Regulation.PDF-1


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