CEOs Breakfast – Tax related issues with ZRA

In 2017, ZRA appointed withholding value added tax (VAT) agents to help increase tax compliance among business houses. VAT registered Business entities now have their VAT payments made by the agents for any business transactions conducted directly to ZRA. In February 2018, the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) started distributing electronic fiscal devices (EFDs) which compel business outlets to issue customers with tax receipts whenever they buy a product from their shop. This is under a pilot project running from January to June this year which will see EFDs distributed to shop owners in Lusaka, Kitwe and Ndola. ZRA also introduced specific duties on imported motor vehicles recently. These are among some of the contentious issues on which the business community expressed substantiated concerns. ZACCI held a CEO breakfast on 24th April 2018 to engage the authority on these issues. The breakfast was sponsored by Hai Telecommunication.

Dignitaries Present

Acting Commissioner General – Zambia Revenue Authority

Michael Nyirenda, President – ZACCI

Ms Prisca Chikwashi, CEO – ZACCI

ZACCI Board Members

Distinguished guests and Media.

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