Call for Applications: Demo Environment funded by SIDA

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The Demo Environment Programme is a challenge fund aiming to achieve development results by addressing and solving local environmental challenges in 14 targeted countries as well as helping to reduce poverty.

The fund is utilized to finance organizations that are willing and able to contribute to economic, environmental and social sustainability. Funds are primarily aimed to support Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, where focus is placed upon the enhancement aspects of sustainable and responsible business ideas that are aiming to use new solutions to development issues; e.g. introducing new technology in a market that enables higher productivity or more environmentally sustainable production. Hence, connecting companies, organizations and authorities to cooperate in tailoring new and sustainable solutions to local contexts in the 14 targeted countries.

The programme is specifically focused on cleantech products, systems, processes, and/or services that offer clear advantage over existing solutions and aims to achieve: – International technology transfer of new and clean solutions; – International knowledge exchange; – International partnership; and – Exploration of new markets

The grants have five focus areas: – Climate change adaption/mitigation – Ecosystem services – Renewable energy – Water and sanitation – Urban development

The programme is funded by The Swedish Agency for Development Cooperation (SIDA) and has been managed and implemented by The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth (Tillva xtverket) since 2007. The current programme period will permanently close in December 2019. Costs incurred after this date will not be covered by the grants.

1. Demonstration grant – a shortcut to world leading green technology The aim is to (i) raise awareness on sustainable solutions that are available outside the targeted countries (ii) facilitate the possibility to test and gain new knowledge on clean technology that is not available locally (iii) stimulate the growth of a self-sustaining relationship between international cleantech providers and local partners.

A Demonstration grant offers applicants/buyers in one of the 14 targeted countries an opportunity to import and demonstrate new and more sustainable technology to their market at a reduced risk and in partnership with a technology provider outside of the local market. Selected applicants are awarded between 500 000 and 1 800 000 SEK. Up to 50 percent of invoiced costs for equipment and up to 80 percent of invoiced costs for services can be funded. The remaining 50 and 20 percent respectively should be financed through other financial sources by the applicant. Demonstration projects must be fully financed before submitting an application.

Last chance to apply for a Demonstration grant is 21 October 2018

For more information, please visit the website “Grants for Demonstration Projects”

2. Planning grant – a unique business opportunity

The aim is to facilitate partnership and cross-border collaboration to jointly resolve local environmental challenges.

A Planning grant offers the applicant (an international cleantech provider) the prospect to explore new market opportunities and to establish partnership with potential local buyers in 14 targeted countries. Finance is provided for planning and market research activities to support the possibility of transferring technology to targeted markets. A maximum of 350 000 SEK can be awarded for planning activities.

Last chance to apply for a Planning grant is 15 March 2019

For more information, please visit our website “Grants for planning activities”

Call for applications will be open from 7 August 2018. Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the final application dates.

Download full application details below.

Call for application – Demo Environment

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