Policy advocacy support services

Our focus is committed to acting for and on behalf of our chamber members  to ensure that their business interests are protected and recognised at all times.

Our Policy advocacy is solution-based. Instead of solving a problem for one person at a time, or simply raising awareness about a problem, in policy advocacy we analyze the causes of a problem and develop policy-based solutions to address these in a manner that creates sustainable and enduring change. Formal policy mechanisms, such as laws or government regulations, are a key part of policy advocacy as this type of work often seeks to alter the way that official institutions address the issue.
Our Policy advocacy support services refer to organized initiatives that seek to change official policy or legislation, or the manner in which these regulations are applied. Our Policy advocacy efforts typically try to establish new policies, improve existing policies or challenge the development of policies.

In order to better serve our members, Chamber members can log in the website and send a comment on a particular issue for advocacy for the secretariat to follow up.

Please log in and leave your advocacy issue in the comments section below and ZACCI secretariat will work on it. For any queries email

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