Tralac Annual Conference 2020

Tralac’s 2020 Annual Conference will be a virtual event. This is one of the many consequences of COVID-19. At this occasion we’ll discuss
select trade governance matters in Africa. There is widespread agreement that the multilateral trading system requires reform. We’ll
consider how a future World Trade Organisation (WTO) could look, taking lessons from COVID-19, new generation plurilaterals and the
one multilateral agreement concluded since the establishment of the WTO – the Trade Facilitation Agreement.
Turning to the African Continental Free Trade Agreement (AfCFTA); a recent World Bank study concluded, as have many other studies,
that significant benefits could come from reducing red tape and improving customs and border management. We provide an overview of
the key features of the AfCFTA, an update on the negotiations and preparations for trade to begin. Can COVID-19 provide a push to the
adoption of digital trade solutions to facilitate trade under the AfCFTA?

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