Business Information Center

Business Information Center
In many developing countries including Zambia, relevant business information is difficult to obtain. It is often outdated, very expensive, only available from isolated institutions and not tailor-made for the information needs of entrepreneurs, local and foreign business. The ZACCI Business Information Centre (BIC) is a reference service specialising in company and market information aimed at improving the business climate and confidence to contribute to the development of the private sector in Zambia.

What BIC does?
BIC aims to contribute to the development of sustainable & competitive Zambian Business. BIC promotes transparency and effectiveness in implementing related laws and regulations for private enterprises. With this, BIC provides easy access to reliable information for MSMEs particularly in areas related legal and regulations including registration and licensing; and business operations such as market opportunities, business development service, access to finance, training and networking.

The Business information centre serves as one of the first stopping points for foreign and local guests, including businessmen and diplomats, providing an opportunity to receive consultations. BIC is part of the business community ecosystem. We work in partnership with local chambers throughout the country, we benefit from an extensive national and international network of organizations. We make sure we have the most up-to-date information to refer you to the partners who can help you along your entrepreneurial journey.

Research available from ZACCI’ s BIC is produced by market analysts with expertise in their sector, experienced in analysing the factors which will help companies identify the best opportunities and prepare for future threats. BIC holds research covering both consumer and industrial markets, ranging from food and drink sector to wholesale and trade. These provide up-to-date research to help companies to make decisions about their products, explore packaging ideas, and develop marketing messages which will resonate with the consumer.


Our Consumer reports give insight on what consumers are doing, how they are changing and what they think of products, services, brands. They reports provide understanding on what will drive future growth and where the opportunities and challenges will lie, Whilst our industry reports detail who’s innovating right now and more importantly where the next big things will be coming from.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence (BI) is perhaps one of the most effective ways to use data in the modern world. It can provide businesses with key insights to help them make better decisions about how to foster a more productive and efficient organisation, analyse how they can keep up with competitors and grow their revenues above and beyond projections.
BI can help organisations determine whether it will achieve its business goals, how it can improve its current IT infrastructure and what resources it will need to provide better business outcomes.

• Start Your Own Business programme in association with Local Chamber
• Consumer reports and Industry reports
• Market Research Reports and Information
• Business Intelligence
• Business Research Databases
• National and International Statistical Information

Who we serve
International Investors,Future entrepreneurs, SME owners, a wide variety of clients such as recent immigrants, young entrepreneurs, etc. All sectors


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