Zambia Private Sector Alliance

The Zambia Private Sector Alliance consists of private sector organisations namely: Zambia Chamber Of Commerce and Industry, Zambia Association of Manufacturers, Zambia National Farmers Union, Chamber of Mines, Biofuel Association of Zambia, Zambia Federation of Employers and the Tourism Council of Zambia.
Together the parties have entered into this memorandum of understanding to mutually enhance and professionalize the one voice proactive advocacy function and public private dialogue on cross cutting issues.

The specific objectives of this alliance are:
1. To identify policies, laws, regulations and other issues that hinder business activity and adversely affect economic growth.
2. To offer concrete policy recommendations and specific legislative and regulatory reforms to remove barriers and improve the business environment;
3. To provide a platform for meaningful engagement and enhanced results oriented public-private sector dialogue;
4. To provide the platform for government to engage the private sector on various policies as a way of getting feedback and input on various Government policies;
5. To provide a platform for cooperating partners, civil societies and other stakeholders to engage the private sector more efficiently;
6. To enhance ownership of government policies by the private sector, important for successful implementation of government policies.

The Current Secretary of the Zambia Private Sector Alliance is Kampamba Shula.